The essence of catering
between tradition and innovation

The essence of catering
between tradition and innovation

RGMania offers you a wide online selection of the best accessories for bars and restaurants , of the best equipment for bartenders , professional products for bars , cuisine and restaurants , selected for chefs, mixologists and enthusiasts. From classic bar tools to the most innovative tools for bartenders and chefs , such as siphons and smokers , with a section entirely dedicated to glasses of all types : cocktail glasses, wine glasses, tiki mugs and tankards, classic and original glasses, elegant and vintage cups. The selection continues with the disposable (disposable) products, biodegradable and compostable, with refined shapes and designs, for example the paper straws. On the table there are cutlery, plates from the best brands and everything needed for a mise en place with attention to the smallest details . In the kitchen you will find pans, pots, professional mandolines, pastry making tools, but also sous vide for low temperature cooking and tools necessary in every bar and restaurant , from tongs to pizza peels, up to food containers and products for molecular cuisine .


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RGMania has always selected the best companies and the best bar and restaurant items, in order to guarantee quality products, both in design and in manufacturing, with particular attention to made in Italy. In order to respond to the needs of bartenders, chefs and enthusiasts with the widest possible choice of products, our suppliers are over 150.
Online shop for bartenders, present also with a showroom in Fontana Fredda di Cadeo, in the province of Piacenza, about an hour's drive from%/strong % Milan, RG Commerciale is also a 'physical' store di reference for bartenders: everything for the bar and beyond!

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Chiara Beretta: mixing for passion

From the counter at the Rita in Milan to working as an ambassador for Fine Spirits: Chiara Beretta explains her career path and her passion for reviewing cocktail bars around the world.

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