About Us

About Us

Since 1983...

Founded in 1983 by Raffaella and Giorgio, our company is specialized in bar and restaurant equipment, combining online sales and direct with customized products. Passion drives us to innovate and share the best products with our customers. Our e-commerce is among the most renowned, but we also offer a showroom for direct meetings. We are active in training events and collaborations with the professional press.


Pioneers in adapting to changes in the sector, always looking for new solutions and technologies.


Guided by passion in our work, we aim for excellence in every aspect of the company's business.


Every customer is unique: we provide tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs.


We base our relationships on professionality, loyalty and transparency, both internally and with customers.


At RG, we believe we have created an environment where employees and collaborators truly feel part of the company, contributing to individual and collective improvement. Many of our employees have been with us for years, growing alongside the company. Their passion and experience are fundamental to offering an accurate and personalized service, distinctive of our brand.


Our external philosophy is based on seriousness, loyalty and credibility. These principles guide our interactions with suppliers, customers, media and industry professionals. We are committed to the constant search for quality, favoring Italian products, verifying the suppliers' commitment to the environment and the quality of the materials. We treat each customer as unique, offering customized solutions. We are active in informing and educating the industry with events, our RGLife blog, media collaborations and attending industry events.