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WEGG and DEMI wine bottle holders: design and functionality made in Italy

WEGG and DEMI wine bottle holders represent made-in-Italy design and functionality at its best: discover the new products available on RGLife at RGmania.

The world ofhoreca is increasingly moving toward a few key concepts: simplicity, concern for the environment, and a keen eye toward design.

Today RGLife tells you, through some new products available on RGmania, a brand that sums up these concepts and has sublimated them into two unique products.

The genesis of the WEGG and DEMI bottle holders.

In 2014, three Italian partners began thinking about something innovative for transporting and refrigerating wine bottles. They shared the idea with ISIA, the most qualified Italian university design institute, which held a competition among students to create the object, which resulted in a wine cooler with an unusual and minimalist egg shape.

From this idea, the first prototype bottle holder was born: WEGG, a smart, elegant and stylish product suitable for everyday use, ideal for the home but also for professional food and beverage. Its evolution is a tool that is half, DEMI, no longer a container, but perfect for bringing wine to the table. Both are made in Italy and environmentally friendly, being made of fully recyclable or biocompatible material.

secchiello vino wegg

The WEGG thermal bottle holder

The WEGG thermal bottle holder, available on our website in both the classic Basic and in the metallic Metal Touch, is a patented and innovative wine bottle cooling system designed to curb water waste, as it can contain, cool and maintain the temperature of wine.

WEGG is the synthesis of an in-depth study of aesthetics and materials, practicality and functionality, which is sublimated in the elegant essentiality of its forms, making it the right gift for any occasion.

Beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly: the WEGG bottle holder features high-density expanded polypropylene insulation; its multi-bottle container is painted with an embossed metal finish; and in the package is a kit of 5 cooling jellies, a decorative metal disc, and a decorative silicone cap.

porta bottiglia vino demi

The DEMI Thermal Bottle Holder

Similar are the features of the 'little brother', the DEMI thermal bottle holder, which in addition to the 5 cooling jellies, however, has only a matching ABS closing ring.

Again, the thermal bottle holder is available in two versions, Basic e Metal Touch, with the purpose of keeping the wine at the desired temperature throughout the meal.

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