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Spoons and more, the best mother-of-pearl products for serving caviar

Mother-of-pearl products are the ideal medium for serving caviar. At RGLife you will find plates, spoons and other products suitable for serving this prized food.

Caviar is a refinement, not suitable for all palates as well as for all pockets and consequently for any kind of context. It is therefore also important how this food is served and tasted.

What should not be done is to eat caviar through metal cutlery, since metal alters the authentic flavor of the precious food, which is obtained through processing and salting eggs of different sturgeon species.

Traditionally, it is best done purely with the help of mother-of-pearl products, which do not affect the taste and have the right tasting temperature to make sure the caviar retains its flavor. Mother-of-pearl, after all, is as valuable a material as the food it serves in this case.

SoRGLife brings you a series of RGmania-branded products designed to present and eat caviar as its prized being deserves.

The round mother-of-pearl dish

Starting with the container to receive the caviar, the plate , or rather saucer, round in mother-of-pearl 10 cm, ideal for serving and tasting it without precisely altering its taste.

The mother-of-pearl spoons

Caviar is, of course, served with a spoon, and our site offers 5 of them, of different sizes and with different characteristics:

- the 16.5-cm mother-of-pearl and rosewood spoon, with a mother-of-pearl body and rosewood handle, not only for caviar, but also for other dishes that cannot be affected and need an elegant presentation;

- the 10-cm mother-of-pearl caviar spoon;

- the 15-cm mother-of-pearl spoon, with the larger size;

- the 7.8-cm mother-of-pearl spoon, with a worked handle, to add further elegance to the service;

- the 7.5-cm mother-of-pearl spoon, with the smaller size.

The mother-of-pearl appetizer sticks.

We close this review with the 11 cm mother-of-pearl Seashell aperitif picks, an ideal decoration for seafood restaurants and maritime-themed venues.

In fact, these picks end with different decorations, inspired by various figures from the world of the sea (seaweed, fish, starfish and different types of shells) to present amuse bouche, finger food and, of course, caviar, the food that needs mother-of-pearl holders more than any other.

You just have to stay tuned to RGmania for new arrivals, not only from the world of tableware!