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SAP professional bread knives: 4 kinds of cuts...made in Italy

The new Sanelli Ambrogio professional bread knives are quality made in Italy and designed for 4 types of cuts. Find out about the products available at RGmania on RGLife.

Professional knives occupy an increasingly important slice of the market and form a large family, of which there are now several daughters.

RGLife focuses today on bread knives, particularly those most recently available on RGmania of one of the leading brands in professional cutlery, viz. Sanelli Ambrogio, also known as SAP, a guarantee of quality made in Italy.

Sanelli Ambrogio 4D bread knives: for different cuts of bread

Four are the Sanelli Ambrogio professional bread knives among the new ones offered on our website; united by their length, 38.5 cm, white handle and the material from which they are made, stainless steel, they belong to the "Pane 4D" project (where "D" stands for teeth), which starts from the assumption that in Italy alone there are more than 250 types of bread surveyed.

Given these assumptions, SAP has created 4 product types, to cut bread with 4 different blades, all specific to doughs and territorial yeasts:

- the Onda Supra bread knife, for types of bread that are soft both inside and out (sponge cake, but also sandwiches);

- the bread knife Hard Supra, for bread with a hard crust and soft inside (baguette or ciabatta);

- the Soft Supra bread knife, for bread with a crust and medium interior (ordinary bread);

- the bread knife Micro Supra, for bread with soft crust and hard interior (German or typical South Tyrolean black bread).

Sanelli Ambrogio 4D bread knives: craftsmanship and innovation

Sanelli Ambrogio's 4D professional knives are a typical example of a product in which craftsmanship experience and technological innovation come together at their best.

This is a line of professional cutlery with a double-molded handle. The semi-gloss blades are made of NITRO-B special nitrogen stainless steel, while the SEBS handle with professional non-slip finish is ergonomic, non-slip and abrasion-resistant; the perfect fit between blade and handle guarantees maximum hygiene and solidity.

SAP bread knives are also non-toxic, sterilizable, dishwasher safe, resistant to high and low temperatures, and comply with current food safety and hygiene regulations.

The final sharpening of each piece with precise and indelible laser profile control, with product code and batch number, is a further guarantee of quality.

Professional bread knives but not only, don't miss the new arrivals from the always updated RGmania catalog!