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Guide to what's new in RGmania

Welcome to the fourth version of RGmania: RGLife takes you through the latest in e-commerce of venue supplies and equipment.

The fourth redesign of RGmania

Welcome with us to the new era... of RGmania!

From the first version of e-commerce dated 2006, the year when we sensed that a new generation of venue supply and equipment professionals were beginning to frequent the web, to the latest (before today) makeover in 2018, RG Commercial, of which RGmania constitutes the web rib, has always tried to keep up with the pace of online.

The year after the physical company crossed the forty-year milestone, we are therefore proud to announce the fourth redesign of the site, the other place where we try, with our trademark passion and care, to guide you through the thousands of references that make up our catalog.

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The new features and improvements of the new RGmania

Let's start with the new features:

- the translation of the entire e-commerce into English and the improvement of the purchasing process from abroad

- the introduction of the fidelity card: 1 euro of purchase corresponds to 1 point earned in the loyalty program, with 5% to be redeemed for an accumulation of at least 500 points (thus coinciding with 25 euro of free spending)

- the " made in Italycertification" for products made in our country.

More than a renewal, a real change has taken place at the level of:

- general graphic look, while remaining faithful to our colors and identity

- homepage, made more dynamic and appealing, including through the use of set videos

- an artificial intelligence tool that is increasingly adherent to users' tastes and expectations

- an even more precise search mode including not only products, but also brands and blog articles.

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Finally, we have improved and enhanced:

- the graphics, navigability and purchasing process in the increasingly used mobile devices

- the "Inspirations", where landing pages dedicated to specific sets of products find their place

- the RGLife blog, updated every second Monday of the month for a few years now, which in its own small way aims to be a reference point for orienting oneself among events and trends in the world of bartending and cooking.

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RGmania's evergreen values

What, we hope, will not change are what for more than four decades we have considered, but more importantly considered, the mission of RG Commerciale: care in the choice of products and suppliers; clarity about what we sell; transparency about costs, privacy and business terms; a customer care available to answer your doubts and inquiries.

We just have to welcome you to the new era--of RGmania!

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