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Discovering Zalto, the luxury glassware brand

An Austrian brand of mouth-blown crystal glasses and stemware, Zalto is one of the leading companies for tasteful and elegant tasting.

The Zalto brand and the Denk'Art collection.

If it is true that the perfect wine tasting starts with the right product, Zalto glasses are a guarantee, and today RGLife will try to explain why.

Zalto is a family, over the years grown into a company, that has been creating and developing mouth-blown glasses for six generations, whose roots are in Venice, which has played a key role in the development of mouth-blown glass since the Middle Ages. After nearly 200 years of perfecting glassblowing techniques, Zalto, whose factory is in Austria, reached its peak in 2006 with the presentation of the Denk'Art collection.

Hans Denk, among the world's best-known and most respected wine experts, was the glassmakers' inspiration in creating goblets that evoked the qualities of the wine to which each glass is dedicated. Denk was inspired by the effects of the Earth's tilt angles, a technique derived from the ancient Romans, with the goal of inventing a product with a never-before-seen shape that would allow the wine's aromas and taste to fully flourish and thus achieve the best possible tasting experience.

The mouth-blown crystal of Zalto glasses

To savor the world's best wines, you need a glass that can emphasize their notes, aromas and flavors. Every wine lover knows that even before tasting it, one should look carefully to understand its color, clarity and texture.

Material is the key to superior wine awareness: the glass should be spun as thin as possible to allow the wine to remain at its original temperature without any influence from its surroundings.

Thanks to the mouth-blown lead-free crystal structure, Zalto develops each product with precision and a sense of detail, always keeping in mind the taste experience as the primary goal; the best wine tasting, on the other hand, is achieved by satisfying the taste buds and expressing complexity, paying attention to nuances and fruity notes.

Zalto wine glasses

Not surprisingly, Zalto won in 2009 the most comprehensive and reliable test dedicated to glass wine products, in all three categories: "Burgundy," thanks to the Denk'Art burgundy goblet; "Bordeaux," with the Denk'Art Bordeaux goblet; and "Riesling," thanks to the Denk'Art white wine goblet. At RGmania you can also find the Denk'Art universal goblet.

These are glasses that grace any table with a touch of class and sophistication and have not for nothing set new tasting standards, redefining gourmet tables around the world.

The aromas of wines are enhanced within these products that please the eyes and palate, creating an enhanced and enriched experience. The unique architecture has the effect of keeping the alcohol at the bottom of the goblet, allowing the aromas to prevail as the dominant element.

Zalto's attention to detail

Zalto is committed to the smallest details, always with the aim of enhancing the taste of the wine and offering superior flavor.

The thickness of up to 0.3 mm of pure hand-blown glass without toxic lead thus allows the wine to unfold the nuances of taste, as the glass does not transmit its temperature to it. At first glance Zalto glasses may seem all too fragile to hold given their lightness and thinness, while in fact it is the crystal that allows the glass to be spun thinly for a unique, elegant and delicate design while maintaining strength, elasticity and resistance to scratches and opacity.

Since first contact is through the eyes, aesthetic expression is ultimately an essential element in the creation of the glasses, where unique style is matched by technical perfectionism.

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