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Bruno Vanzan and the new academy for tomorrow's bartenders

Bruno Vanzan opened his new home: a location with academy, private bar and shop, of which RGmania is a sponsor.

March 1, 2024: a date that will long remain etched in the memories of those who were there. Where? At the new home of one of the best-known bartenders in Italy and abroad, Bruno Vanzan, who inaugurated his BV Holding.

To call it a training school would be reductive. The new facility is located at 173 Via Marzabotto in Sesto San Giovanni, an area undergoing major redevelopment, in a Milanese suburb where even the subway now arrives and where within a couple of years the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Games Olympic village will be opened, a central hub for services to complement those already existing in the city, with medical centers and new buildings.

shop vanzan academy

Upon entering, a counter dedicated to reception helps guests find the wing of interest: on the right are offices, a training room for tomorrow's bar managers, and, hidden by a retractable door, a private bar with jungle wallpaper and a custom-designed and made-to-order counter, bookable for a very few intimates, whether individuals or companies, who can thus enjoy a unique mixology experience, with dedicated barman and specially designed food pairing.

To the left, a reception room with walls furnished with everything that befits a training school: spirits, bar tools and unique glasses selected by RGmania that can be purchased directly on site, but also a hall of fame of all the trophies won by Bruno himself in his career.

banco personalizzato bv holding

We continue with the training room: here, too, a custom-made counter with handcrafted yellow ceramic tiles and a bottle rack reminiscent of a veritable network of synergies behind which trainers teach future generations of bartenders the basics - but also the tricks - of the trade. On the other side is a desk for the coffee sections, with geometric wooden counter, to train with other equipment and other trainers, of the same very high professional level but on other focuses.

The ingredients for success are all there: training, professionalism, space design and functionality, and... professional equipment. The trainees' as well as the trainers' bar tools as well as the products on display and for sale and the private bar tools were chosen, desired and reasoned by the BV Holding team together with RGmania's specialized consultants.

If you want a taste of our products and are in the Milan area, you can in fact find a small RGmania branch at BV Holding. If that's not enough for you, you can check out our website rgmania.com or visit our showroom directly on Via Emilia in Fontana Fredda di Cadeo.

bar privato bv holding

This partnership between Bruno Vanzan and Giorgio, the patron and founder of RG Commerciale, is the culmination of a journey of trust and friendship between the two that has matured over the years and has been carried on by the professionalism of both.

Onward and upward!