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Good resolutions for the environment: product ideas from RGmania

Good resolutions for the environment increasingly involve the restaurant world as well. On RGLife you will find some good ideas, selected from RGmania's catalog.

Ecology, respect for the environment and concrete gestures to further the fight against the climate crisis. These are some of the key concepts in today's world, in which the realities of thehoreca are also obviously immersed.

These concepts, in the world of food and beverage, are expressed concretely through the reuse or use of eco-friendly disposable products, with the aim of creating a virtuous circle that starts from producers and, passing through retailers such as RGmania, sees venue owners as the intermediaries and end users as the recipients.

RGLife takes you through a wide and as varied selection as possible today.

The Ceado CP150 Extractor

A high-end product is theCeado CP150 extractor in polished stainless steel., highly professional, designed to extract juice as quickly as possible, while keeping the nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables intact.

Designed to work productively and innovatively, the juice fit technology minimizes waste, ensuring the best yield even when extracting juice from leafy vegetables. Efficient and quiet, the mesh filter and durable motor ensure continuous work, while the shell blocks the juice outlet and prevents it from dripping. The fit of the inlet and pressing chamber allow fruits and vegetables to be placed whole or in large prices, all within the framework of a compact and small design.

The question on the subject is: why choose a professional extractor, or centrifuge, instead of a home product?

Ceado has optimized the benefits of using a tool designed for everyday work, weighing costs and benefits. The result of this study is the so-called juice business, whereby fresh juice generates more profit than bottled juice, so that with 10 juices a day you get back from your investment in as little as two months.

The market demands more and more natural and healthy beverages, and with the juice fit already mentioned, Ceado extracts juice at a low temperature while preserving natural vitamins.

Welcome water in taps, airtight jars and thermal dispensers

Welcome water is no fashionable oddity; we have talked about it in unsuspected times, but it is simple water, with or without ice, served not only in pitchers but also in faucets, airtight jars and thermal dispensers-on RGmania you can find a wide selection; it's called 'welcome water' because it gives it to the customer and doesn't leave them high and dry while they choose their drink or wait for their order.

It is not necessary to demand topping up coffee as in the United States or hot cotton wipes as in Japan, but outside Europe Welcome Water is standard and is served regardless of what is ordered, to be continually topped up while on the premises.

This is attention that costs nothing, but leaves a good memory and a pleasant feeling of good hospitality.

MyDrap cotton tear-off rolls.

An example of a reusable product can be found in the MyDrap tear-off rolls, available on our site in 15x15 cm or 10x10 cm white cotton and in black cotton measuring 10x10 cm. Pre-cut, seamless and 100 percent textile, they are ideal for aperitifs and cocktails, but also for more informal occasions such as parties and events, being employable both as napkins and as coasters.

Environmentally friendly, hygienic and absorbent, these rolls take up little space thanks to the practical 100-tear format. Their natural, premium-quality fabric offers strength and maximum absorption, without sacrificing the soft, pleasant feel.

Brown paper doggy bags

The doggy bag, i.e., the leftovers of the meal at the restaurant that are taken home instead of being thrown away, is one of the good habits that are fortunately also seeing more and more Italian establishments participating.

The disposable product we propose is the 14x8x32 cm brown paper Doggy Bag., also perfect for the take-away of sandwiches or sweet or savory breakfasts. In fact, the greaseproof paper allows for no grease outside the bag, which can withstand temperatures from -18°C to +80°C.

Re-Use It Rice Hust cups in biocomposite.

Saving money, making an eco-friendly gesture and creating affiliation with one's clientele: a triple objective that the Re-Use It Rice Hust glasses make it possible to achieve. In fact, the first time a customer decides to have coffee, cappuccino or one of the many other hot beverages that can be contained within it, he or she pays a symbolic increased cost; if he or she then decides to bring the cup back, consuming on site or take away subsequent times he will charge less given the discount on the service.

The Rice Hust cup is made of natural and recycled material, biocomposite, dishwasher safe, resistant to temperatures ranging from -20°C to +120°C, and heatable in both traditional and microwave ovens. The dots at the base prevent water accumulation during washing, while the ribbing on the top rim makes tasting more enjoyable than classic paper or plastic cups.

RGmania's offerings don't end there...keep an eye outfor new arrivals for thetrendiest products from the restaurant world!

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