Low Alcohol Cocktails by Diego Ferrari

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Un singolare volume in cui il famoso barman racconta il suo percorso, offrendo ai suoi colleghi non solo una singolare selezione di quaranta cocktail low alcool, ma anche un metodo per affrontare nuove sfide.





Low alcohol Cocktail by Diego Ferrari is an important step forward in the evolution of bartending and responsible drinking.

DRINK-REVOLUTION... But low-grade!

If the world of food has been the scene of unexpected developments in recent times, that of drinks is certainly not less. Low-alcohol cocktails are proof of this.

The change from simple tendency to new reality took place in record time, complicit in a series of socio-cultural changes that are not indifferent. From the constant research of wellbeing linked to health, to stricter legislation for those who drive in a state of happiness: these are just some of the inputs that helped Diego to rethink the mixing.

Pioneer of low alcohol movement in Italy, Mr. Ferrari has been able to transform an apparent limitation into a great opportunity. Seizing the challenge of creating a card for a club that can offer only cocktails of this type, has exploited its experience to rethink the craft of mixologist.

An experience that has become a mission

Find new ingredients, study their combinations, devise their presentations: these were familiar steps for him. To understand the singular context represented by his new "stage", to communicate to the public and to the press another way of understanding the cocktail was challenging but certainly also stimulating.

Diego is deeply convinced that the ingredients of a drink are just the basis of the concept of drinking well. For this reason it tells its path, offering to its colleagues not only a singular selection of forty cocktails low alcohol, but also a method to face new challenges.


The career as a mixologist of Diego Ferrari starts at only seventeen years when he embarks on his first course as a barman

At twenty-six, strong with a solid experience, he leaves for London where he deepens the techniques of molecular mixology, Barchef and Tiki.

Returning to Italy, he has an intense activity of bar manager, collaborates with important brands of beverage, and writes in various magazines. It is also affirmed through participation in prestigious national and international competitions.

He is currently bar manager at the Rotonda Bistro in Milan, where he specialises in cocktails under 21 ° alcohol, a technique of which he has become an international reference point.

You can also choose the italian version Cocktail Low Alcool di Diego Ferrari.

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